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      Feb 2005
      Cologne, Germany

      Bringing a Vehicle into Germany

      Looks like there are no new posts on here for a while so I'm assuming laws change and there may be new info.

      I moved to Germany a month ago for 3 years and would like to explore bring the 69 Camaro over. I've already been to the 'Ring twice and can't take it anymore with a slow car. It's fully PT'd with LS2, Viper T56, full suspension and brakes, in tank pump, seats, seatbelts, etc.

      I know all the requirements to get it here and taxes for import, but what are the requirements for the TÜV and registration tarrif I would have to pay. I need to go to an office and have a chat with them, but I'd like to know what to expect. It's extremely hard to find info on older vehicles here, especially with limited German abilities.

      Do I have to meet 1969 emissions or newer? The engine was a GM perf parts piece so it has no code that would ID to a specific vehicle or model year and I'm using a 2001 F body computer so if they pulled OBD it would come up as that.

      What about all the other stuff like suspension, brakes, etc.

      1969 Z/28 Dropped 2" GW uppers, lowers, leafs w/delrin, QA1 coilovers w/450 lb/in, Unisteer R&P, 1" solid anti-roll bar, subframe connectors, Billet specialties SLX-45 18X8 and 18X9 with Toyo RA-1 245/40/18 and F1-GS-D3 275/40/18. C5 Z06 brakes, 408 ci LS2, Viper T56 trans.

      2007 Wildkart shifter kart with Honda CR125 engine.
      2004 Dodge SRT4 daily driver and track day car, stage 2, rear ARB, dropped 2 inches
      1997 K1500 Z71 tow vehicle