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    Speedtech body mounts VS. DSE body mounts...

    Ok, here's the deal... myself and another individual are trying to figure out which body mount kit we should invest in. DSE claims that their body mounts are hard coated to prevent corrosion that can occur between two dissimilar metals. But Speedtech's kit looks to be constructed just as well as the DSE mounts, they actually COME with the hardware (whereas you have to invest another $60 in a stainless hardware kit for DSE's), and are cheaper altogether... but they are simply anodized.

    The question we really need answered is... is there really THAT big of a risk of corrosion with using solid body mounts that are ONLY anodized? I live in the desert. Not a lot of rain/water on the streets, no salt on the roads in the winter... you get the idea.


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