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    Thread: body/paint help

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      body/paint help

      Hi everyone. I want to first say that I have searched and read existing posts on this and many other forums. What I am interested in is your recommendations for body and paint shops in the SE, preferably within a day's drive of Atlanta. I have talked to David @ Roadkiller and he's seen my car. I appreciate his time in talking to me, but I honestly don't want to spend what he ballparked me for the work (absolutely no offense to David). Simply put, his level of detail and workmanship is show quality, and that's really not what I am after. I am going to drive the snot out of this car, including HPDEs, and don't want to cry if I scratch it or put some dings in it. I am more interested in a $10K Griggs suspension and 408C stroker w/ TKO600 than a $25k paint job with a stock driveline and suspension if that gives you an idea of what's important to me.

      The car as it sits is almost finished with sheetmetal work (I just need to finish off some small rust repair and minitub the rear wells), but will need to be stripped, fillers and blocking done, and primer and paint. In other words, it won't need floors or quarters replaced like a lot of others. Just make it smooth, straight, and color. The car is a 70 Mach 1 Mustang so you get an idea of size.

      Where could I get this work done for $10k? Is that even reasonable? Again, I'm not looking for a Riddler award, just your an average, decent looking finish. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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      We figure about 200 to 240 hours AFTER sheetmetal for paint. Which is close to your $10K figure but + materials @ $3000, Send me some pictures to [email protected]