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    Found a VIDEO! 10.89 pass

    Some car club was filming at the track a few days ago and captured a vid of my car by accident. I was racing their buddy in the Malibu. 8 megs - right click and choose "save as"

    Not my quickest pass (10.78 so far), but still a video :icon996:

    Here is another one, where my tranny disagreed with me in 3rd gear so I taught it a lesson quickly. Still ran a 10! 8 megs

    How many 'showcars' do you see out there getting DRIVEN?

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    your car sounds friggin mean, its awesome seeing cars driven like they should be, I cant wait to get mine done so I can drive the **** out of it. :3gears:
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    He beat you to it Tony...

    He's on the board and knows of you. Pretty cool that you were racing one another and didn't even know it. He posted this yesterday....

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