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    Sweet Wilwood Black brakes, and ROTORS !!!

    Needless to say I was very happy when I opended the brakes for the "DEMON".
    The new engraving on the calipers looks great but wait , Look at the freaken Rotors!!!!!! If only the black would stay that would be so cool. This ended up fitting the build of this car perfect .
    enjoy the pics.

    Also Frank at Prodigy always hooks me up on the best Wilwood kits.
    His knowledge of the brakes kits has actually made me a little lax in that department. Just pick up the phone and ask some brake questions...he spits it right out . The man knows his brakes. And the prices are oh so sweet. Honestly we only use the Wilwoods now....makes me wonder how some other companies keep selling there brakes !!

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    i was looking at your post and thinking the same damn thing..