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      Condensor Laying Flat (from old board)

      Radio Joe
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      (6/7/04 10:44 am)
      Condensor Laying flat???
      Hi everyone.

      I took the complete A/C system from an '89 Suzuki swift (Geo Metro) and plan to put it on my '65 Corvair. The condensor was mounted infront of the radiator on the swift but I was thinking of mounting it flat in the spare tire well. I have everything figured out for that, but my question is, will mounting the condensor flat cause problems??? I have seen it done before, but never heard if there were any problems with it. Also the aluminum "pill" shaped thing (dryer???) was mounted to the front of the condensor.... I have usually seen these mounted verticly, close to the evaporator in other cars (camaro, monte carlo, etc) does this piece need to be mounted in the same position to avoid problems???

      The Swift A/C settup is very compact and has a small compressor so It would mate nicely to the Corvair engine bay, plu I should be able to use all the stock vents, controls, and ductwork while using the modern compressor, condensor and evaporator... plus the system was free so it dramatically reduces the cost of an A/C system. I think I may have to have a few hoses made, but that shouldnt be too difficult. Anyway.. any input would be appreciated

      Radio Joe
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      (6/10/04 5:35 am)
      Re: Condensor Laying flat???

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      (6/10/04 12:54 pm)
      Reply condenser
      Hey Joe, if thats YOUR real name??? Mounting the condenser flat is ok, its mainly due to air flow that its mounted vertically.I assume you are running an electric fan right? Now the Drier is gonna be another story.That should be mounted vertically like it was from stock.The drier is where alot of wear material ends up so the trash isn't circulated.Having it mounted about mid level of the condenser would also be desired for better oil flow.Not higher or lower. good luck and stay cool.. C-yaa o1

      Radio Joe
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      Posts: 87
      (6/11/04 5:39 am)
      Re: condenser

      Yes My name is Joe

      Yes I will be running an electric fan. The fan was already mounted to the condensor stock in the swift. The plan was to put it the pass side "spare tire" well in the corvair laying flat then cut a hole under it and add a skirt to it. That way all the air from the bay would be pushed through the condensor and out the bottom of the car. I may actually mount it on more of an angle instead of flat since I can't used that space for anything else while the condensor is there, I might as well fill it up.

      Thanks Again!