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    CAT engine components??????

    What do you people think?? Are these guys any good?? They seem rather cheap, is there a reason for that? Im looking at around 500hp will their crank/conn. rods hold up to that?


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    One of my guys on a tiny budget bought some of the 5140 I beam rods, they checked OK for size and weight. He only ran them a short time and did another motor, so no real durability testing here.
    There are so many killer deals on rotating stuff on e bay for Eagle, I would not cheat here myself. A few hundred saved may cost lots more later.
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    Cat and Scat used to be the same company, they parted ways a few years back.
    Most of their products are essentially the same thing.

    I would becareful of ebay engine parts; a lot of those cranks are factory seconds that have something wrong with them. The ebays sellers rarely disclose such things
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    I have a cat aluminum water pump on my big block. Seems to work just fine. Got it off ebay.

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    I have heard nothing but BAD things about this company. I would stay away from them at all costs. It is all cheap overseas parts, that are "supposedly" totally finished and built overseas. Not even machined here. I have never personally used it, but this is what I have heard all over the internet on all the boards. Do a search on Team Chevelle. It is not worth the risk IMHO

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    i saw them in summit once, thought about ordering because of price, called summit, and was told they are not carrying products due to too many problems, think they offered them for like a month and had so many issues they cancelled them, i would look elsewhere for parts