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    Help Modifying Lower Valance, Cut out parking lights and add driving lights

    I have a 71 firebird, on the lower valance panel there are big square openings for ugly parking lights, I would like to somehow cut these out and add circle driving lights, maybe some HID driving lights or the Angel eye driving lights, I would also like a bezel of somesort molded into the metal, Just like the lower valance on a 69 camaro, the way their parking lights look. ANy ideas on what would look good or how about going to do it? I wasn't sure if this should be in the fabrication forum or not? The prob. is, is that if you look in the pics, I think it would look funny if i just put a flat piece of metal in the big square hole and then cut out a circle. I kinda wanted to avoid any "Flat" spots, I wanted the hole thing contoured and blended in. ALso if anyone thinks they could do it, and would like a job(Of course I would pay!) I would be interested, maybe Matt at RFR??