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      Intended Use of this forum & Section Rules

      Hey guys,

      In light of this new forum, I wanted to take the time to briefly detail both the intended use of this forum and the section rules.

      This forum is to be used for discussion of racing-related events only; these events must be properly sanctioned. Such events include, but are not limited to: Road Course Racing, Open Road Racing (Top Speed events), Autocross, Drag Racing, Salt Flat events, etc. In addition to this, this forum is also to be used for: dyno results and discussion, racing techniques, course layouts, and more. Street Racing is strictly prohibited in this section.

      In respect to the above guidelines for forum use, here are the section rules:

      Section Rules:
      1). This section is to be used for the discussion of appropriately sanctioned track events ONLY.
      2). Any discussion regarding Street Racing is strictly prohibited. Any threads or posts detailing such discussion will be moved to the outhouse or deleted accordingly. Pro-Touring.com does not condone or encourage street racing.

      In addition to these rules, all general forum rules found here: Pro-Touring.com General Forum Rules apply to this forum.

      Pro-Touring.com reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.

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