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    Known LSx swap combinations. Please Read.

    OK everyone, I want to start a list of cars that have LSx engines in them right now either in completed mockup or driving down the road. I want this to be a guide for people to look at and see if they find their particular car and what parts it took to get the engine and everything physically in the car or truck really. NO guessing or speculating which is why I say completed mockup or driving down the road. I really just want to see the list include whose motor mount plates were used. What headers/manifolds you have(include application if it's different than your actual car). Are you running a stock frame. What accessories brackets were used. I want this to be simple, short, and easy to read, so ,please, no paragraphs. Also, include any extra work that was needed such as notching the frame for those of you that have the AC in the factory location. If you have a corporate powered car please say if you switched to SBC mounts from the BOP mounts or not.

    Please, do not ask questions about your application if it is not in the thread. I will start another for those that do not have headers available or motor plates availible for their particular application. My hope is that the holes will get filled and at the same time a list of what works will get started.

    I do not have my own to add just yet. For the time how about this example.

    Motor mount plates:
    Oil Pan:
    Accessories Brackets:
    Misc: give a short explaination here about possibly notching the frame or heater box. Anything that you feel needs to be known about the combination you chose including aftermarket chassis/subframe.

    If you feel something else should be added or if you simply think you can do this in a more organized manner, please speak up or simply do it in your reply and hope it starts a new trend. I'd just like to see a list of known combinations started and for it to be accurate and precise. I think it would really help a lot of people out.


    EDIT:Thought about this today while commuting and thought I would add it as well. Those of you using truck motors, please mention if you used the truck intake or not and if it fit under the factory hood. Thanks


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    1979 WS6 Trans Am stock LT1/T56 drive train out of my Formula. BMW M-parallel rims. C5/C6 brakes

    build thread

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    OK I'll go first.

    1967 Camaro LS2
    ATS motor mount plates
    Hooker LS swap long tube headers
    Custom Champ Pans oil pan (from Wegner Motorsports)
    Wegner Motorsports Accessory drive system (DSE Driver 1)
    A/C compressor goes on top passenger side so no interference with subframe.

    -67 Camaro Street Fighter 599 HP L92-SOLD
    -99 Spec Miata finally on the track!

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    Mar 2006
    SW Wisconsin by Dubuque, IA
    1971 Chevelle
    S&P motor plates
    Custom headers for twin turbos (made by myself)
    Custom made oil pan by Canton (6.5 Qts.)
    S&P brackets

    The frame WAS NOT notched or modified to make this engine fit. Im also running AC. Everything run off one belt. Im running a Viper trans that will allow the shifter to be in the stock consol location.

    Stroked LQ4 (402ci), Twin 62-1 Turbos, Viper T56 M6, Moser 12 bolt w/ 3.42's.

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    73 firebird
    2000 6.0L lq9
    stock f-body accessories will use sanden a/c comp.
    brp mounts (engine and tranny)
    notched and boxed frame for a/c
    4th gen f-body pacesetters. pass side cut flush with outer side of engine flange pushed in and rewelded to gain about 1/2" clearance between tubes and front subframe. drivers side collector cut on 3 sides and reaimed and rewelded for clearance between tubes and subframe. will be powdercoated.
    oil pan, dipstick, windage tray stock f-body no mods required
    does clear factory firewall a/c box and steering
    had the dummy engine in and out about 8 times checking clearances and welding etc etc

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    Aug 2004
    71 Nova 6.0 truck single turbo
    custom mounts setback 2"
    stock rear steer linkage and subframe
    f body oil pan and accessories, notch for alternator
    05 grand prix 5.3 front manifolds flipped
    modified firewall for engine setback

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    The Motor City
    1970 Corvette
    Made my own plates.

    F-body exhaust manifolds
    F-body oil pan
    F-body accessories but I made an alternator mount to move it high on the driver's side.

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    Vancouver BC
    81 Z28
    2001 LQ4/th350
    S&P mounts factory frame mounts moved back 1 7/8"
    th350 in the factory position(hence moving the mounts back to meet the tranny)
    Homemade headers using gen1 sbc hooker comps and LS1 flanges
    Fbody pan and accessories.
    Edelbrock 7118 carb manifold and box with 750dp. JUST clears the stock 81Z air induction hood without using a spacer plate between the carb and the manifold and enlarging the factory hole in the hood.
    Mike Kirkwood
    81 Z28 LQ4, Baer brakes, Global West everywhere.

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    62 Bbtop

    They're pretty much the same, 59-64 X-frames,minor differences between plants but all pretty close. I've done two swaps in this car, LS-1 / LS-6 w4L60E and now LS-7 w t-56. The LS-6 I put 9000 mi on it pulling it for another project after wanting a stick to hook up in the twistys with. #1 LS-6 w F-body oil pan and accessories,had hi mount AC brackets from Mcgee's in WA,Street & Performance mounts and Hot Rod headers,(that turn downward, not back) to clear the X-frame, used borgeson joint at the 605 box,(rag joint won't clear alt.),Bow Tie Overdrives cross member for the 4L60E, (Hesparia,CA),S&P harness ,PCM, fuel pump, filter, and regulator, Griffin radiator (stock appearing but made up for LS hoses and steam line). No clearance issues at all. #2 LS 7 dry sump pan is actually 1/2" deeper at the front, I had to heat and knock the pass side of K member down about 1/4" to clear pan, used stock LS 7 accy except the AC,(left off for the time being,but will go back on with a modified McGee set up,higher idler to clear w/pump outlet) Cut the mounting plate off the Bow Tie Overdrives crossmember and made a new plate to the backside and lower, Street & Performance engine mounts, headers(re-cut collector flanges to aim downward to get under X-frame),S&P supplied harness,PCM,fuel reg,fuel line @engine, If you can think of anything else let me know........

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    1978 trans am with LQ9 and 4L80E
    truck accessories
    FLP longtube headers from 2000 f-body and 98-02 pacesetter off-road headers (the pacesetters fit better)
    Homemade s&p mounts made from 3/8" steel w/ moroso sbc solid mounts
    Used original trans mount moved rearward and rewelded the mount on the opposite side.
    Used 96 vette ac compressor mounted high on passenger side with custom bracket and lowered the alternator 1.5" to clear the hood
    Rodney Red radiator w/ LQ9 sized inlet and outlet and steam port added
    LS1 electric fans
    F-body oil pan, tray, pickup and dipstick
    Tanksinc. walbro 255 fuel pump in stock tank
    Stock shifter modified for overdrive trans
    Drive by wire throttlebody with cruise control
    02 f-body 12" rear disc brakes
    96 b-body front spindles w/ 1LE 12" rotors

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    Mar 2006
    OC CA
    70 Firebird
    99 LS1/T56 F body
    BRP eng./trans. mounts.
    S&P mid length headers
    S&P a/c brackets top pass. side Sanden 508 comp..
    Vintage air gen2 compact
    S&P clutch bracket
    f body oil pan
    Motor is set back close to firewall and low in subframe
    trans tunnel opened at rear of auto shift hole
    reverse lockout removed & plugged could mod tunnel to fit
    Auto console works if you move it forward a couple inches
    Rick's stainless tank with integral A-1000 pump and upgraded lines
    Aeromotive fuel reg. and rails
    S&P t-stat housing rotates 360 deg can use Pont.V8 lower hose
    On your own for top hose I used 2 diff hoses cut spliced it's OK
    BE Cool radiator and dual fans
    Painless wiring harness for LS1 xtra length puts ECM under rear seat
    1998 ECM required (get vin# from auto trader etc.)
    Autometer gauges fit in fact bezels with work looks good!

    There's more but that's the meat of it PM me with ?s
    LS1- T56
    under construction
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    Seacoast, NH
    1973 Z/28 Camaro (was a numbers matching car)
    BRP motor mounts - notched engine cradle for A/C
    Currently running 98LS1 F-body exhaust manifolds - BRP 1 3/4 long tubes on order
    Stock 98 Z LS1 oil pan
    98 Z accessory brackets
    Cam and LS6 intake
    Vigilante torque converter

    Detailed build pics in the link below.

    Burnout video that will make you proud :D

    Best ET so far is 12.73 @ 106
    Dyno'd 322 on a land and sea eddy current dyno


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    Burnout video that will make you proud :D


    Thanks. I needed that.

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    Los Gatos, CA. USA


    '87 BMW E24 M6
    '04 crate LS6, D&D viper T56
    made my own engine and tranny mounts
    Hand made custom headers
    Speartech harness
    large manual throttle body
    3.91 LS rear diff (stock)
    Brembo 4 pot calipers 324mm rotors front

    Still not quite done yet, have to hook up the 'vette fuel evap system, finish the exhaust and A/C system

    Got thrown out of the BMW community when I started this 4 years ago but now there is even a website that is for engine conversions to BMWs.

    The complete LS6/T56 drive train weighs 140 lbs less then the 24 valve 6 cylinder and 5 speed I took out.

    Getting anxious to finish.

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    Atlanta GA
    67 Camaro
    LS7 engine
    Shrifter Paddle shifted
    4l60E Monster transmission.
    ATS mounts
    Ats headers.
    wilwood 14 inch 6pistons.

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    Mar 2005
    Jackson Ms
    69 camaro
    hooker plates
    hooker headers with power steering (92 camaro 2 1/4 turn box)
    stock oil pan with a 1" notch in front right corner
    stock accessories with a street and performance ac mount for the sanden compressor
    stock frame with a small notch for the alternator
    Chris V

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    Dec 2004
    boerne texas
    69 camaro rs
    rick k

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    Oct 2004
    '55 F100 with a second gen Camaro front clip.
    2002 LQ4 moved back to clear the stock deep pan, conversion plates and standard chevy mounts on some home made towers. Firewall got recessed too but thats due to setting it back I think. Is going to be twin turbo so no headers etc yet.

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    Oct 2008
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    1965 F-85 cutlass "Project LS1 F-85"
    2002 SS camaro stock ls1 engine
    4l60e trans hooked to 2 speed column shifter
    F-body motor mounts.
    Fabricated frame mounts using F- body frame mounts.
    F-body stock exhaust manifolds.
    S&P modified oil pan and pickup tube
    Factory pcm & harness with wait4me mail order tune
    external walbro 255 fuel pump and 99-up vet filter regulator
    Stock 65 cutlass fuel tank and sending unit with 1/4 return
    Stock 65 cutlass radiator
    Modified 1965 cutlass trans cross member. Dropped 1 inch and moved aft 3 inches.
    Trans tunnel had to be slightly modified to clear transmission and cooling lines.
    Alternator relocated to passenger side to clear steering gear box using my own custom billet bracket.
    Custom engine covers
    Dual ram intake air thru the head lights
    Currently running & driving has 3k+ test miles
    Needs paint and interior to finish
    Build link

    launch video
    This is Larry Callahan adding to Rocky's profile.

    I'm sorry to say that we have lost Rocky.


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    1979 Malibu Landau Classic

    Vehicle: 1979 Malibu Landau Classic
    Motor mount plates:BRP
    Headers/manifolds: Pacesetters for an 02 fbird (modified on passenger side)
    Oil Pan: Stock 2002
    Accessories Brackets: Stock 2002
    Misc: Notched frame for AC and for Pan TIG welded patches in place. Would not recommend the BRP mounts or tranny crossmember. I ended up having to replace the tranny crossmember for dual exaust after I modified the frame to accept it (about two inches to short frame to frame). Jeggs sells a better one that fits stock mount location and that allows for dual exaust for a quarter of the price BRP wants. The engine mounts were way off when you put them together there is about a half inch gap that allowed the engine to move left and right. This is not wise since the heater box is soo close to the ps coils. I fixed this by adding washers in the mount bolts (over $500 for the combo and no call back from BRP after five tries). Realistically you can get the combo that works for 250-300. Had the CPU done by Wait4Me and did the relay work myself. I would suggest going with a company that includes relays or go with a painless setup, relative to $$$ availability and wiring skill. I am more than willing to help any other g-body swapper and help you avoid some of the $$ traps and pass on the lessons learned just send me a message.

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    Greenbrier tenn
    1932 ford pick up, with LS7 & turbo 400 tranny.

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