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    engine update! 11-18-04

    howdy guys, visted DSE today, got one shot of the motor in, trans is now in, motor in, gas tank will be mounted today, the computer is being programed as we speak, guages will be mounted in (got to see them in person for the first time...they look sweeet) heres a pic I shot today....

    its almost done!!!! I cant wait!!!!

    I would also like to thank EVERYONE who has answered questions throughout this build. If it wasnt for this site....I would have never had this dream come true....every question I have ever asked has been answered!!! (there are plenty more questions to come when I start on the supension)...I plan to do it all myself ...LOL.......... THANKS GUYS!

    colt zantop

    1968 camaro LS1.......aka......."NJECTED"