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    Which System for budget

    I am fully aware that fuel injection is no cheap affair, or simple, or easy. But I do know it's worth it, especially since i plan on driving my car daily in the summer.
    I'm just building a mild 318 mopar, and I'm planning everything out, trying to figure out what areas of the build I'm going to cheap out on, and which ones to splurge. I plan on going much more aggressive in the future, maybe twin turbos as next summer's project?

    I have a bit of a thing for Big Stuff 3 's setup. I like all that it comes with what it can do, and what it has done for other cars. But it is at the high end of the spectrum for price

    Accel Gen VII is next down in price. I've heard it can do a lot and i'd probably be happy with it.

    The third system I came across is the Haltech E6X, which controls fuel and spark, but only has 4 injector drivers, I'm not sure how I feel about throwing fuel away, but maybe I have it wrong and that doesn't happen.

    Considering that (on the site i'm looking at ) big stuff is 2 grand, accel is 1600, and Haltech E6X is 1200. and that's not even including fuel system, or the rest of the ignition, it makes it a tough choice for me.

    There are other setups out there, but Big stuff is pretty much my ceiling so i'm not mentioning anything higher in price than that, and I'm really not interested in things like megasquirt.

    If there are setups you might think match my constraints better, or you have recommendations and/or opinions on these, please any and all help will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.