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    Welcome To FAQ

    Welcome to /, the internet’s largest g-Machine and pro-touring community.

    The forum exists as a media for the exchange of information and knowledge regarding the Pro-Touring genre of cars. Additionally, the forum was instituted to provide g-Machine hobbyists with a place to congregate among other enthusiasts of similar interests as well as provide and distribute new perspectives for the genre. is a free forum funded by paid advertisers; we impose no vehicle restrictions or limitations, but pro-touring muscle car owners are the paramount concentration of our members. greatly values its members and the knowledge and understanding they bring to the forum on a regular basis. In order to ensure a successful integration of new members, we’ve decided to draft a set of guidelines for new users so as to avoid frequently discussed topics and possible issues.

    Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines for the “Welcome Post”:

    1). First Name Basis: seeks to promote a personal and friendly atmosphere: in order to facilitate this, we prefer to call each other by first name as opposed to user name. Though not mandatory, we ask that you include your first name in either your welcome post or signature, or preferably both.

    2). Pictures: The proclivity of car enthusiasts is to seek imagery of another’s car, as such many members enjoy seeing what others (especially new members) are working on at the current time. If possible, please include a picture of your car in your welcome post: work-in-progress and project pictures are welcomed as well as finished cars.

    3). Signature Pictures / Text: In an effort to ensure prompt load times and site performance, we ask that you keep your signature pictures and text relatively small: the maximum size for a signature picture is 250x75 pixels. Any pictures larger than that will be removed, and you will be asked to resize the picture. Additionally, we ask that you keep the size of the text in your signature to a maximum text size of 3, and no more than 300 characters.

    4). Positive Atmosphere: promotes a positive and friendly atmosphere; in order to ensure its preservation, negative posts or flames will not be tolerated: it is best to avoid conflict in the public forums wherever possible.

    5). Classifieds: In order to post parts or vehicles in the "For Sale" or “Wanted” forums, one must be accredited with at least 10 posts, or have been a registered member of for at least three months. This is done with the intent of protecting the best interest of our users against scammers and other fraudulent practices.

    6). Pro-Touring Defined: One of the most frequently asked questions of a new users is: “What is Pro-Touring?” a generalized definition is provided below:

    Pro-Touring: A classic muscle car with enhanced suspension components, brake system, drive train and aesthetics, including many of the amenities of a new performance car; developed to function as well or to surpass the capabilities of the foremost modern performance vehicle. Pro-Touring cars are built with an emphasis on function and are intended to be driven. Whether they are driven on the street, the race track, the drag strip, or through cones at an auto-cross is of indifference; regardless of the location, pro-touring cars are destined to be driven.

    In addition to these guidelines, we ask that you please observe all Forum Rules when posting. A complete list of forum rules is located here: Forum Rules

    Welcome to the site: we hope you enjoy your time here, /
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