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    Multimedia Forum Rules

    Forum Rules

    In an effort to maintain our current code of conduct and sustain forum efficiency, we’ve instituted several rules of conduct for this forum; please take note of them prior to posting.

    1). Applicable content: under no circumstances should one post images or videos of or containing pornography, nudity or profanity, and people being killed. The posting of said content will result in deletion of the thread, and a warning will be issued. Further administrative action (including the possibility of banning) will be taken upon second offense. Note: If your are questionable as to whether or not the content you wish to post abides to this rule, please have it reviewed by a moderator before posting.

    2). Street Racing: in no way endorses or promotes street racing, or any illegal activity and strongly discourages any of its members from participating in said events, unless legally sanctioned. Any videos containing said content are eligible for removal by a moderator, if the content is deemed unbecoming, per their discretion. This includes "arab street drifting vids."

    3). Link Formatting: In order to ensure the protection of our users at work as well as the preservation of forum rules, we ask that no videos be directly embedded within a post. Please use this format for linking videos within a post:

    PLEASE HIT ENTER after posting an image, Or the formatting for the page will get too wide.

    If the webpage containing the link also contains offensive content (Not Work Safe) please disregard the aforementioned format and use the following: reserves the right to reformat or remove any links it deems offensive or questionable, embedded links will be automatically removed.

    4). Image Sizing: In order to minimize load times and maintain proper viewer ship, we ask that you keep all images to a size of 800x600 (pixels) or smaller. If the image is larger, please attach it as a thumbnail or post it as a link. reserves the right to resize or remove any pictures that do not conform to the size guideline.

    In addition to these rules, all general forum rules found Forum Rules apply to this forum. reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.

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