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      Jun 2024

      Hood / Fender alignment 56 Ford Resto

      Hello Experts ! I say this because I am truly an amateur. I purchased a 56 Ford PU thru MECUM a while back. It wasn't perfect. I've done a lot repairs and upgrades, (nothing fantastic) and it runs ok, enough to take me to the SONIC to get a burger every now and then. My biggest issue right now is to try to get the hood properly aligned with the fenders. At the present time, the fenders seem too close together at the cab so when the hood comes down, it hits the fenders and will not close properly. I can see its a matter of loosening nuts and bolts to slightly widen the spread between both fenders. My question to the experts is: Is it a matter of loosening all pertaining bolts and then just pull to widen the spread? Would it be easier to lift and remove the wheels? Any advice would be great. I just got into the message board and haven't looked for any videos, etc. of such a repair. Thank you all for any tips !!

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