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      1980 Camaro Z28 TIRE SIZE with 18X10?

      Hey team
      hey 2nd gen Fbody guys

      i have a 1980 Z28 that im working on
      i got a good deal on

      and i have 18x10 for the rear (BS 5.5)

      the Suspension is stock , with 2" lowering blocks.

      the quarters and the lips the rear are all OEM

      will i be able to fit 285/35/18s? with no mods?
      or should i use with 275/35/18

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      Jan 2021
      I have a 73. If your car has a factory style rear suspension, I believe it is not uncommon for the rear end to be slightly offset. Most of the time this is towards the passenger side. I run 18x10 in the rear with 5.5" BS on driver side and 5.75" on the passenger side with a 285/40/18 tire. This was necessary to get the tire inside fender without rolling the lips. I did have to flatten the seat belt hump to get a comfortable clearance on the inside.
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      Go with a 275/40R18. It'll look better proportionally since it's closer to the stock height 225/70R15s.
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