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      Sep 2010
      No. Nevada

      Gen 1 SBC distributor-less ignition, MS ll based still the way to go?

      Tried search but did not find anything.
      Finally getting close to having my 68 El Camino "327" ready to fire.
      I've learned to despise distributors and HEI after being stranded too many times.
      Engine is as trick as I could go, way over budget.
      I am looking for no distributor IGNITION ONLY!!!!!!! Please do not harangue me about the wonders of EFI.

      A few years ago I picked up an MS ll system that the former owner had run on his SBC 350.
      Sure to be obsolete now but it is paid for.
      From what I find on-line this is simple to make work with a Ford EDIS8 and coil packs.

      Engine is 11-1, solid lifter, 4x44 Weber IDF, aluminum flywheel, etc.
      Muncie M21, Jag IRS, 3.92 gears.

      Unless there is another system available for around $500 or less this is what I will be running.
      I thought there was a sub-forum for MS here?

      I considered Electromotive but it seems they are currently defunct and "Looking for investors".

      At these prices I want my gas 100 octane, leaded, and my windshield washed!

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