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      LS7 crankcase venting help needed

      I was hoping some knowledgeable people could chime in here and let me know if my planned oil breather connectivity was going to be ok or if I needed to change it.

      I'm using a custom tank in the passenger-side tulip panel from Stefs. I have an LSXR intake and aftermarket "Chevrolet" racing valve covers that do not have venting hose barbs on them.
      I still need to buy the breather tank and was thinking of getting one from Peterson or AVIAID with only 2 connections. I was thinking of having 1 breather connection to the main tank and 1 for the connection on the Lifter Valley cover.

      The valve covers just have a single passenger side fill hole and i was not sure if I could just cap that, seal it off, or if I need a cap with a vent tube that I would have to connect to a breather tank directly or possible use a 'T-fitting' to the tank with the lifter valley plate connection?
      (yes I did call both Peterson and AVIAID but neither could answer the question about the valve cover)

      Thanks for the help.
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      My ls7 was converted to wetsump and my routing seems to work well now. My routing is as follows: I have a hose ran from my Air intake tube (between the MAF tube and Throttle body) to a tee. One goes to my passenger side valve cover barb and the other goes to the driver side valve cover barb. I have a hose from my valley port to my sealed catch can "In" and the catch can "Out" goes to a barb on the intake. Hope that helps.

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