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    Thread: Paid Vacation

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      Paid Vacation

      Need someone experienced and knowledgeable about carb tuning, EFI tuning/problem solving (Holley Sniper) and Gear Vendors electrical set-up to do one-off tuning/set-up on two T/A's (70 and 77). Both cars start and running. Estimate that work can be done in 1 - 2 days. If you are on vacation, have a few days off or are between jobs this may be of interest to you. Involves travelling to the Caribbean. Will pay all expenses (travel, meals, labour) with additional optional free stay at sea-side villa for up to 5 days (bring your family, but their travel costs and meal expenses are yours - accommodates up to 8). Please message me if interested. Cars just need final touches to get them in perfect running condition.

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