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      Aug 2004
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      4150 throttle body or DBW on carbed stle intake?

      I am starting on LS427 build with LS7 heads. Plan is run Holley 4150 intake but not sure what throttle body. Go with 4150 style with cable or DBW and will be using factory cowl air cleaner that seals to hood. Let me me know which is better and if 4150 style, what brand. If you have pics, please post.

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      Jun 2016
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      Slightly cheaper to use the 4150, DBW slightly harder to tune (e.g., IAC, idle), DBW easier to integrate modern cruise control using something like Dakota Digital's kit. PCM. If you're using a Dominator you can us DBW, if you're using a HP you can't. Terminator will support DBW
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