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    Thread: Wheel/rear end

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      Wheel/rear end

      I'm curious how most guys go about this. I am going to be doing a 70 GTO and I will be most likely putting a 9" Ford rear, and I'm hoping for 305/30/20 tires for the back. I have to do the outer wheel house and quarters on the car, so I thought it might be a good time to massage that outer wheel house to accommodate a bit larger tire. So do you pick the wheels you like first, or do you get the rear first and get the wheels that will work with it? Seems like I can get a rear in pretty much whatever length I want, but wheels maybe only a few backspacing options?

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      If the wheels you want are only available in a few different back spacing arrangements (assuming 1pc cast wheel), then I would order wheels & tires first.. Set them in there, measure the distance between mounting surfaces and order a rear axle.

      I typically do the opposite, but that's when using custom wheels.

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      Yeah I just called about some custom Rally II wheels in 3 piece. $14,000 is a bit outside of the budget!

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