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      The New Pro-Touring.com Mobile App (iOS)

      It is with great glee and not one shred of annoyance or impatience that I'm proud to announce the relaunched Pro-Touring.com Mobile App for iOS!

      After recent issues with the App Store and Google Play, we had to relaunch the App.

      Same great taste, new bureaucratic look!

      I'll keep this short & sweet, so we can get on our merry mobile way:

      What's all the hubbub, bub?

      The PT mobile app lets you browse the forums, and post & reply to threads and PMs with a more mobile-friendly interface, using a convenient, dedicated app, directly from your iOS device.

      What's an iOS device?

      Your iPhone or iPad.

      Where do I get it?

      To gety the app, clicky the button:

      Or clicky/copy&pastey the URL: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pro-to...m/id1658926375

      (This button is also on the bottom of every page on the forum, so if you're not on your phone right now, you can just open Pro-Touring.com on your phone and go all the way to the bottom for a quick link to the app).

      What if I already had the app?

      The new version supercedes the old one, but it doesn't drop-in replace it (it's not an update, it's a whole new app).

      If you currently have the app on your phone, and it works, no particularly pressing need to do anything, but at some point you may want to to download the new app, as the old one may stop working, in full or in part, at any time.

      That doesn't sound like you said Android

      Yes, unfortunately our app provider no longer supports Android devices. We are looking into potential solutions and alternatives, but for now the Pro-Touring.com mobile app is only available on Apple (iOS) devices.

      For now, those of you on Android will only have the standard forum available via your mobile device's browser, or potentially the old App if you haven't deleted it, and objectively better value per dollar for raw hardware specs but both objectively & subjectively inferior software usability experience but let's not get into that right now plus this is my post and this thread is locked so LALALALA CANT HEAR YOU

      Something something app issue something something blah blah

      Yep, that sometimes can happen.

      If you have any issues getting/using/deleting/complaining about the app, you can do so in the Forum Requests, Feedback and FAQ forum.

      I like Pro-Touring.com


      It would really help us out if you provide a rating/review for the app.

      This helps more people discover it & the forums via the app store (one of the reasons we ditched the old app was it had a bunch of legacy bad reviews from when we used a worse app provider - this one is better and it could use your help!)

      Just go to the app link above, download it, and rate it - and if you have a moment to multiply the effect, a few words written in a review will also really help.

      It's highly appreciated and improves your fuel efficiency.
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