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      Jul 2022

      1969 Interior questions

      Born yesterday at the forum and sure there is a post on all this somewhere here, but ...

      Long story short I wanted to do the 5th gen dash project but hell no, I will screw it up so I'll cross that bridge when i get more info on how this works...

      5th gen center consoles... what all do I need to make that stick on a '69?
      what about a 5th gen steering wheel? I understand the column is limited.

      Banging my head since I want to fit a single din / 6" screen sony deck but can't come up with were to put it.

      Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

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      Aug 2015
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      It all fits is the short answer. But having done it I don't completely recommend it.

      Dash is similar width so apart from cutting it shorter and welding in the 5th gen frame this can be done "relatively" easy, even easier if you can get your hands on the 5th gen transmission tunnel as that allows the centre console to bolt right in. This is all made easier if you DON'T used 5th gen seats, as they're wider than 69 seats..
      5th gen steering wheel can only work with the 5th gen steering column, which can be done, but I opted to stick with IDIDIT and an aftermarket wheel.
      Next problem is custom making door panels that meet the interesting shape of the 5th gen dash, which is my last hurdle.

      The screen doesn't sound difficult, I'll be running a 7" double din display, there's aftermarket options available for this.

      Your best best is to read my build thread, a very detailed thread from cryptonomad, and several others. The interesting part is that we all took different approaches.

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      Jul 2022
      Thanks James, loads of info on your posts.
      Looks like I'll be going the standard route - I don't like the contrast of a 5gen center with a 1gen dash.
      I thought I saw a double din center arm rest (with cup holders...i need that or I die omw to work). Kimda on the pricy side, but it's an option.
      I've never replaced/modified a steering column so I'm just going to steer clear of that one. I gotta hold every penny and go for skill vs. cost - saving for a spec chassis.
      I'll update progress as I go. Gonna gut the insides soon and see what I got to work on.