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      Question on Melling verse GM pick-up tube O-ring

      So I installed the pick-up tube and O-ring that came with my new LS swap oil pan. After installing the engine in the car (not running yet), a small package was found with two O-rings that came with the engine long block. The engine has a Melling oil pump and the O-rings are to be used "in place" of whichever color GM O-ring the engine came with.
      Does anyone have experience with installing a Melling pump but using what I suppose is a standard GM style O-ring? I do know it went in tight. Is there any important reason I should pull the motor back out just to replace the GM O-ring with the correct O-ring from Melling?
      I appreciate anyone's experience with this. Thank you!

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      So long as the pick up tube O-ring went in with some resistance and did not shave a chunk off the o-ring, you should be good to go.

      66 Chevelle LS3 T56