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      Dec 2018

      68 camaro with DSE subframe

      trying to swap ls & t-56 magnum in my 68 camaro , parts I acquired were Holley ls swap engine mounts ,clam shells , and there t-56 trans crossmember and quicktime low profile bell housing . At the time I ordered this Holley acquired DSE, I formed Holley that I have a DSE subframe and was told these will work well they don't !!!! Reordered the DSE engine mounts #060404ds use with DSE subframe , The trans crossmember is Holley#12626hkr the trans crossmember trans mount needs a 1.625 thick spacer to mate to trans mount and the trans cross member after being bolted to subframe the trans mount slots need to come back . I did see Holley makes #71222017hkr ? has anyone here been through the same problems ?Really wish these companies engineering departments communicate.

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      Feb 2011
      dallas, tx
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      Crossmember is easy to modify. I added a simple plate and it was perfect after that. I also used the standard mounts and ultimate headers sent me a badass set of headers