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      DSE subframe compatible with RideTech subframe connectors? Help

      This is my fist post and glad I found this site. I am rebuilding a car that I took in trade. Itís a 1967 Camaro with a DSE hydroformed subframe front and ridetech 4-link rear with 9Ē axle. I want to add subframe connection without chopping the body because itís clean and original. I saw a post that described an issue installing the ridetech connector in a car with a Speedware? Subframe because the subframe was shorter at the rear.

      Has anyone been able to bolt in the RideTech connectors to a DSE front? Or could someone give me the measurement bolt to bolt on a Ridetech 1st Gen Camaro subframe connector? I called RideTech technical and the guy said to call DSE. Wouldnít give me the length either. Crazy!

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      DSE subframe compatible with RideTech subframe connectors? Help

      That was my post. Yea ridetech will never take responsibility
      So because the speedtech subframe has narrower frame rails for clearance and cut at a downward angle i had to fab up some plates to lengthen the sfcís and weld them to the connectors. Since my frame was gloss black and the connectos come matte i was gonna powder coat them anyway.
      Im not too sure on the dse dimensions but the rear of the frame looks to be stock dimensionsName:  IMG_8612.JPG
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Size:  271.2 KBName:  IMG_8613.JPG
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      1969 frost green camaro
      Speedtech pro touring front subframe
      ridetech rear 4-link
      moser 12 bolt eaton tru trac 3.73

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      ridetech would only know the dims of the OE subframe, not the DSE or Speedtech, unless that was part of the design scope, which it rarely is as there are too many options to mail everything down.

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