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      Nov 2015
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      LS376/480 - 2nd Gen F Body Exhaust Drone

      Any suggestions on diminishing the drone on a second gen f body build?

      I drive my car and would drive it more often were it not for the drone.

      The car is Raptor coated and has dynamat but the drone is awful.

      any suggestions. Stock Ls376 / 480 (no headers)

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      Aug 2004
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      What mufflers and where does the exhaust exit?
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      Aug 2007
      It's a bit old school but I like Dyno Max turbo mufflers. And always run the tail pipes to the rear of the car.

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      Jun 2001
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      What Mike said, along with pipe diameter, H or X pipes, headers, etc.
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      If you like how it sounds you can tune the resonance out.

      Use noise sampling / analysis apps on your phone to determine which frequency the exhaust is resonating at and design a resonator tube for it.


      I ended up putting magnaflow high flow cats on my car and it made a huge difference in the interior noise level while cruising. Also cleaned up the exhaust smell, love driving it even more. I mounted them right on the end of the collectors, which I'm second guessing as it left no room for electric cutouts.

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      Oct 2016
      Install Drone tubes, aka J-pipes, aka Helmhotz tubes.

      I had similar problem with my 69.
      The shop welded in exhaust drone tubes, standard exhaust pipe that have ends capped.
      Installed them in the space between the rearend and the gas tank.
      They cut a hole into each tailpipe and weld on this pc of exhaust pipe which has capped end, maybe 24 inch long each.

      Eliminated almost all of the drone .

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      Jun 2016
      Upstate NY
      Cats, the right muffler and a x or h-pipe. I have zero drone with mine using that combo. Borla mufflers.