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      May 2011
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      Holley Exhaust system 705013124 RHKR

      Hey there,

      Just a shot in the dark with the current supply chain issues, but I need to purchase the above system for my 1967 Camaro. I have the Hooker Blackheart headers PN 70101329-RHKR. Holley website says 9/1/22 shipping, Jegs and Summit say mid-June but I think that means I get an email in mid June from them that says beginning of September shipping. Called MCB, they stated beginning of October. Don't know if anyone has another source/this sitting around and want to sell, but reach out if you do. Much appreciated.
      PS Can't get italics to go away haha.



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      1. I wouldn’t get the one with resonators. They are too big
      2. Lt version was close enough that I modified to work on my car
      3. I was lucky and my buddy had one. I placed my order in Oct and after feb I canceled it and bought it from my friend. Use this time to have someone build you a custom setup

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      I ordered in Nov 21 and still waiting. Holley keeps extending. If they dont ship in June, they can give me my money back. Holley will not tell me what they are waiting on, so my guess is finding qualified tig welders is the hold up.

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      Nov 2016
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      I bought a full swap kit from Holley in November. They shipped half the parts and keep pushing delivery on the remaining ones. I inquired about sending back the parts I received and getting a refund. They never responded but canceled the remaining items and did a partial refund. Now they are ghosting me about returning the parts or. If not then i still need the remaining ones. Guess I’ll see if it’s too late to have visa take care of it

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      Jul 2019
      Ordered a holley swap kit for my 68 camaro 6 months ago. Got everything but the mid-length headers. Still waiting and date keeps getting pushed out.