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      May 2021

      New Ford or used '65 GTO 10 bolt posi?

      Hello. I own a '65 GS with a rear end on its way out. Found a '65 GTO 10 bolt posi nearby. Seller is asking $1,900. Sure there is room to negotiate on price. Here is my question. Go for the used ("recently rebuilt") 10 bolt or invest in a new housing from Currie, Quick Performance, or another aftermarket rear end maker? Seems like a deal if I can get him to come down in price. But if he doesn't, I feel like I could get myself something new for a slightly larger investment. Your thoughts? Thanks.
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      Ford no question
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      I put a Quick performance 9" with 31 spline axles, 3:50 Trutrac, disc brakes, billet ends narrowed 1/2" for my 67 chevelle for under $2,200 to my door. I love it.
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      Another vote for quick performance. They were a pleasure to deal with a make a very nice product for similar money to what you talking about

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      I have a Quick Performance ready to go into my 70 GTO as well. It too is narrowed 1/2" per side.

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      Yeah, no question Quick Performance. If you could pick up the 10 bolt for like $1000, then maybe it would be a toss up, but I doubt he'll sell for half of asking. You can ask them to put the GM ends on the housing so that you can use some budget friendly brake options too.

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