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      Oct 2017

      My 1965 GTO project

      Hi all, new here. Been lurking for a while but now I've started my project. Here are a couple pic's of where I am. The body has wider rear wheel tubs
      and is about 90% done. We put some old left over paint on it to protect the primer for a few months that's the different colors you see. The frame has been boxed and narrowed a couple inches in back. It has Kore3 brackets and C6 brakes. A Quick Performance 9 inch in back, no gears yet till i pick a transmission. My plan was Connect and Cruise but I think I am finding it provides only basic information. My plan is a 430hp or 480hp with 6L80E, 6 speed automatic transmission. I think the tap shift will not work. Dakota Digital says the gear indicator will not transmit either. Speartech can make some of it work but its a pricey way to go and still require a separate shifter indicator, a very not factory look. Thanks.

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