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      Re post 3/27 from gsmotorclub cancer drive

      On Sunday the 27th
      I am hosting a cancer drive, to show love and support for my friend Chris who is struggling with skin cancer and stage four cancer, as I am also but only have stage three cancer. So I know exactly how difficult this is for him.
      Chris is an amazing guy, he is the most kindest and strong hearted person Iíve came across. He and his Wife has helped me so much with my struggles with cancer. Even though heís struggling, he is always willing to lend a helping hand. The amount of strength this man has is incredible and extraordinary , he keeps pushing and fighting just to see another day. When you meet Chris in person youíll see how sincere and humble he is. The reason I want to do a Cancer drive is because Chris is a fanatic car junkie and doing this I know will put a smile on his face.

      Meat point:
      Parking Lot
      Dix Hill Park at 11:30am sharp

      Leave the park at 12:30 PM to Chris house.
      139 Split Cedar Dr
      Islandia NY 11749
      We can stop there for a few minutes just to show him love and support.

      you can follow me on @jdm_cancer_rally for more info or message me for more updates.

      Please do not tag him if you post anything because he doesnít know I am doing this for him.
      87 monte carlo ss aerocoupe under the knife