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      Jul 2021

      69 Camaro VA install question- IImuch bulkhead and EZ Clip

      If using the IImuch ac bulkhead, are you pretty much required to route all 4 hoses thru the engine compartment, or can you still place the bulkhead in a place where they can be hidden in the fender? All pictures Iíve seen have the bulkhead low on the firewall and I have yet to see a complete picture of hose routing thru the engine bay and what it looks like. If anyone could please share pics of their install or installation advice using the bulkhead, Iíd appreciate it! Iíve tried contacting IImuch already with no help. Thanks! -Keith

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      You could remove the blower motor hole and then put the bulkhead there. The biggest thing to consider is where is your ECU? Are you going to run speakers in the kick panels? I had to run mine a little different because I used The Shop LLC kick panels.

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