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      1970 Nova LS1 frame off - What's it worth?

      Hey guys, still looking to get my first classic and came across this beautiful 1970 Nova. The seller is honest and has all records and pictures from a complete frame off restoration. He says he has 125k into the car. The car has the following;
      Currie 9" rear w/3.90 gears
      12" 3 piston Wilwood Brakes
      Edelbrock FI System
      Ididit Tilt Column
      Interior was custom upholstered
      Thunder Road Dash w/ Autometer guages
      TCI IFS Tubular suspension w/QA1 shocks
      TCI 3 link rear suspension w/QA1 shocks
      Mustang 2 rack and pinion steering
      Mini Tubbed
      Every body panel, nut, and bolt is new
      Power Windows
      Vintage heat and A/C
      Dynamat sound deadening throughout
      Everything under the car is either paint matched to the body or chrome
      Paint is a 10/10
      Interior is a 10/10

      So anyways, What do you all think is a good price for this car/what would you pay for it? I have cruised the forums for comps however all I could find is project cars.

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