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      69 Camaro narrow Axle width measurments

      I am trying to nail down my axle measurements. I feel like I am really close to making a decision. I have already made the order; they are just waiting on wms measurments.
      1969 Camaro, Mini tubbed (Will be, fab has been pushed back 3 months which is why I can get the tires in all the way for a perfect measurement), 325/30/19 11" wheels 5.5 BS, Ride-tech 4 link. DSE suggestion is basically 54.75 but that i based on a 12" wheel with 5.5 BS. I am coming up with 57" wms-wms which puts the tire right at the inner fender lip. I do not want the tires tucked in the wheel wells, rather them closer to outer lip. IS THIS COMMON OR ACCEPTABLE? lol I know it's a stupid question but I just want to make sure I'm thinking correctly before i send the wms measurement into the QP so they can complete my order. Here are a few pics for reference, Any help is appricated. Thanks Michael

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