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      69 camaro drivers door wont open

      before you read be aware i had a stroke a few years ago it left my writing skills it left me with no writing skills sorry for the hard read i have no concept of punctuation ive owned my 69 camaro for over 20 years ive always had to pull it in a lil bit and push down to open drivers door now it wont open at all ive pushed down pulled up pushed in till we are blue in the face its partially open but just a lil bit its not locked both interior and exterior rods are connected and moving freely it seems i have a scope to see that im just about at the point of seating in the passenger seat having someone hold the button in and kicking it the just change the latch assembly

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      Whenever I had difficulty opening the door, the issue was always either the striker incorrectly adjusted (which is why you had to push up/down on the door to open) and or the interior/exterior door handles not opening the door latch all the way.

      First I would spray some wd40 in the latch then with the door panel off, inside the car try to open the latch with your hands all the way. I circled in red where you should be pulling/pushing. Hopefully that will get your door open.

      With the door open, take the striker completely off and close the door to see how it aligns, most likely the door hinges will need to be realigned to fit the rear quarter, once the door fits without the striker, then you can install the striker. Good luck!

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      no luck

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      You might also check the hinge pins to make sure the bushings aren't worn. When the bushings wear the hinges go out of alignment, although normally it requires that you lift on the door to open/close it.

      It's also possible that the striker was readjusted at some point to account for worn hinge pin bushings. If someone later changed the bushings, which would bring the back of the door up, I can see that requiring you to push down on the door to open/close it.
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