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      Sep 2021

      New Member - 74 Chevy Nova 5.3L LM7 Project

      New member here.

      I'll probably have a few questions as this is not only my first Classic but I bought it with a Swap already done (kind of). The person I bought it from didn't know much as he bought it from someone who lost her husband and she didn't know either. So as I go along and learn both classic car basics I am also learning about LS swaps (I know it's an LM7). I can assume this person did quite a bit to the engine since it has a nice Holley Pan, Cam kit, etc... but I just don't know everything he did.

      So onto my info. My name is Brian and the following is my new project.

      Chevrolet Nova Custom 2dr Coupe

      • Year: 1974
      • Model: Custom 2dr Coupe
      • Engine: 5.3L Vortec LM7 with a Stage 3 Cam Kit (out of a 2002 Suburban)
      • Body/Exterior: Stock but solid
      • Front End: Stock for now
      • Transmission: 4L60
      • Rear End: 3.73:1
      • Exhaust: Dual custom
      • Wheels/Tires: 205/60R15 fronts 235/65R15 rears on American Racing AR61 Outlaw Rims for now (not pictured)
      • Interior: all stock cloth but I have plans to upgrade to custom leather
      • Electrical: all stock except the LS Harness

      Things I have done to it so far

      • I ordered a new EFI Tank and pump from Tanks Inc. because it didn't have a baffled tank and the old one has leaks.
      • I replaced rims and tires with ones that fit.
      • Ordered a Dakota Digital Dash kit with the OBDII Kit.
      • Bought the HPTuners HPVI2+ and credits (Still need to learn to tune)

      Things I plan on doing in the future

      • Upgrade the front end brakes, suspension and steering
      • Upgrade the rear end brakes and suspension
      • New carpet, roof liner, dash pad, and reupholster the seats
      • Send it off to be painted

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      May 2020
      Looks like a solid start to the project. I love the 5.3LS motors and it should be a peppy setup for the Nova. I look forward to your progress.

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      Oct 2021
      Hi ti all)