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      Mar 2005
      Walton, NY

      Chevy Beretta LS swap and RWD conversion - budget 4.8/5spd 1996 Z26

      I've been a bad member lately, haven't logged in in forever...but here's a new project you might be interested in! My first car was a Beretta...had a couple since then. My last one (that I just sold for insane money) was a 3.4 swap/5spd summer daily that ran [email protected] on 87 n/a. Pretty sweet car for a FWD...and looked amazing.

      This new one, I just rescued from the junkyard. I recently bought a low-miles truck LR4 that's drive by cable and the harness to go with it. I tuned it for free with my phone from LS-Droid. I already have a 2wd NV3500 5spd (not super strong, but I'll be small displacement, lightweight and small tires) and just picked up a Explorer 8.8 3.73 LSD for $200. There's a lot of fab work to be done...but my goal is a RWD v8 Beretta to slide around for $5000 in about a year. It's gonna be a quick and dirty build...my never-ending Camaro has kinda soured me on perfection.

      I don't have a whole lot for pictures, cause I've been doing most everything on youtube channel:

      And here's the video picking up the car: https://youtu.be/2JnU-ZbfYH4

      I've also got a lot of stuff on converting the truck LR4 to LS2 intake and LS1 pan on the cheap. Just made some DIY trap doors for the Fbody pan baffle. Let me know what you think!

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      Nov 2018
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      Nice project, looking forward to your updates. Many years ago I wanted to do the same thing, only on a Buick Reatta.

      You could really screw with people with it if you left the outside like it is, and used the same wheels.
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      Apr 2011
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      Are you going to tube frame this or do the NHRA style of RWD conversion?
      The biggest thing in Motocross!
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      Sep 2013
      sw Kansas
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      What are you going to use for suspension?

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      Sep 2009
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      Cool project. My first car was a 1990 Cavalier Z24.

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      Jul 2009
      Sackville, NB, Canada
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      I always thought the Barettas were a great looking car. Looking forward to seeing this build
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      Oct 2015
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      Always liked the Baretta. Looking forward to the build.
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      Tighten it till it strips & back it off a quarter turn.