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      LS Supercharger help

      OK guys I need some help wading through my more “cost-effective” supercharger options. I have a 2006 Corvette spec 6 L LS 2engine in my 67 Chevelle. It’s a very low mile motor full length stainless headers 3 inch exhaust intake otherwise stock. I have a couple stock Gm options from a 13 CTSV or newer LT 4 superchargers. Which would be my better choice and perform the best given a cam shaft change etc.?

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      I thought the LT4 injectors are in the heads, & therefore would not work on an 06 LS2.....?
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      Scott is correct for a ls its either a lsa or zr1 blower . the lsa is a 1.9L and the zr1 is a 2.3 L . if you want crazy reliability and smooth running engine id say either blower with the matching stock gm cam.

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