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      Aug 2013
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      Multi process welder recommendations

      I've been using a Hobart Handler 135 110v MIG welder for quite some time now and want to step up to something 220v capable of welding up to about 3/8" and looking to add TIG to the mix. I'm looking to spend around $1000 give or take a $100 to $200. This one has caught my eye https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...Q3KRZQB6&psc=1 but not necessarily married to the brand and would like your guys experience with any decent brand.

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      Nov 2014
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      Been happy with my everlast 275

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      Feb 2012
      Huntington Beach CA
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      i really like my miller welders, the multimatic is nice but its about double the cost of what your looking to spend. I've heard good things about everlast esab and forney.