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      Grand Prix - US337 wheels


      I am trying to get a price on a set of US Mags Grand Prix U337. I live in Australia and am having difficulty getting a price for them. I contacted US Mags as there are no registered dealers in Australia. US Mags refereed me to a wholesaler that would not sell me the wheels. I am chasing a set of 18 x 9 with a 6 inch back space for the front and the rear wheels 19 x 12 with a 5.5 inch back space.

      Has anyone bought a set of these and if so what was the price. I would love a set of forgeline wheels but they are above my budget at the moment.
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      I feel your pain. Try getting the wheel weight out of them, it's like pulling hen's teeth. For your wheel, 858 bucks each in 18x9. No idea what shipping to Australia would add or how long it would take. It would probably be faster and cheaper to build a foundry and forge them yourself. Considering how long it would take to get a replacement if you damaged one, I'd either order a couple of spares or try really hard to like something available locally.

      The ones they make that I wanted were their U547 slotted mags, which I thought would look stunning on my truck. Finally got a price and weight, price was around 1000 a wheel, but what killed it was the wheels are a massive 40-50lbs each. I don't remember exactly, but I think it was closer to 50lbs than 40lbs. This is what I intend my wheels to weigh with tires, not without. Moot point for me anyway, since now I'll need a wheel that fits a Corvette.
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      I think I got pricing for US Mags in the past from Dale Schwartz at Schwartz Performance. They are sponsors here.
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