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      Apr 2011
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      2010-2012 gen 4 all aluminum 6.2 , lc9 5.3 & a 6.0 IV rec port

      Have a all aluminum 6.2 that is a long block,no intake. Motor is all complete Oil pan to valley cover. $2300 . Was told it is a 2012 and has a bad lifter.
      Never took either of these apart but recommend to freshen them up. I put cam bearings in every ls i pull apart.

      Also 2012 6.0 rec port $1000
      Told it was a bad lifter also. Oil pan to valley cover. Located in mass

      Also completely freshened up
      all aluminum 2009 5.3 lc9 $2700obo
      All bearings gaskets,rings trunnions upgrade,oil pump and barbell upgrade.arp head bolts. New lifters.. everything is new
      Nice little motor

      Motor are listed locally also.