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      Jun 2021

      New here, Lurker for awhile

      Hey guys/gals,

      Lurker here for sometime but decided i needed to join. Currently finishing up my 78 TA build. It had a 406 sbc in it with 4spd Muncie that was far from exciting. Here's where i'm at currently..

      416 LS3 stroker
      Holley EFI
      Vintage Air
      American Powertrain T-56

      BMR upper/lower control arms
      Viking coil overs in the front
      PSC 12:1 steering box
      Camaro pitman arm
      BMR front sway bar (stud mounted to frame to prevent bolt pull-through)
      Summit rear sway bar
      Summit rear lowering leafs (for now)
      Billstein rear shocks
      CPP big brake kit with C7 hubs
      PTFB G-Braces
      PTFB-Subframe connectors
      PTFB solid mounts

      SpeedHut Gauges matched to late 70's Trans Am font/style
      TMI seats
      PTFB roll bar (if i can make it work)

      The car will have a shot of the juice just for novelty, probably 150. The build is expected to exceed 600fwhp

      The Olds pictured is my wife's car and the first one I painted completely on my own. My father runs a resto shop so i've had my hands in and out of refinishing over the years. Her car has been in the family since new! It's a clone with the following..

      425 Super rocket (originally had a 350 at some point over the years it was swapped)
      Viking coil overs front/back
      12:1 Borg steering box
      Had it aligned as close as possible to 4th gen F-body specs as possible with factory arms.
      Need to upgrade brakes and control arms.

      That's all for now.. Look forward to the forum.Name:  LSX2.jpg
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Size:  480.5 KBName:  My Trans Am.JPG
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      Apr 2001
      The City of Fountains
      Country Flag: United States

      Let me know if I can help with the Holley EFI tuning.

      1970 GTO Version 2.0
      1967 Cougar build
      GM High-Tech Performance feature
      My YouTube Channel Please Subscribe!
      Instagram @projectgattago
      Dr. EFI
      I deliver what EFI promises.
      Remote Holley EFI tuning.
      Please get in touch if I can be of service.

      "You were the gun, your voice was the trigger, your bravery was the barrel, your eyes were the bullets." ~ Her

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      Jun 2021
      Thanks Andrew!