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      GM A body sway bar end link suggestions

      I might be over thinking this but I have a 1971 Olds Cutlass with a SC&C AFX suspension kit and Hellwig sway bar with Hellwig end links. While I was under it over the weekend I noticed one of the sway bar end links was missing. Only thing left was the mounting bracket and collar on the A arm. The rod was broken off clean at the collar and more puzzling was the rod itself was gone and the collar looks like it led a hard life. The car is not raced or driven hard at all.

      Anyway, suggestions for end links would be appreciated.Name:  IMG_3816.jpg
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Size:  361.9 KBName:  IMG_3817.jpg
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      Can you adapt something like this? The rod end will allow more movement instead of the bushing... you can likely reuse the mounting bracket with a few spacers.


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      It looks like the bushing was over tightened and the mount went into bind.
      72 chevelle.