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      Feb 2013
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      Looking for weather stripping options - Steele Rubber?

      Time to buy weather strip for my hole car and looking for options. Steele Rubber looks to be US made but I've never really sought any feedback about body rubber.

      I have seen some bad weather stripping on classic cars and would like to not redo this for a long time. Going on my 69 Impala so not as many options as other cars out there.

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      Nov 2006
      Mountain Springs, Texas
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      Metro is the best I have used. Steele has been inconsistent in firmness.

      1969 Camaro - LSA 6L90E AME sub/IRS
      1957 Buick Estate Wagon
      1959 El Camino - Ironworks frame
      1956 Cameo - full C5 suspension/drivetrain