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      Apr 2011
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      All aluminum 5.3 value rebuilt or trade

      Looking to sell or trade(for a t56) my lc9(all aluminum 5.3) and not sure what to list it for. 58x gen 4 5.3 ls with a 3 bolt cam conversion.
      .585 lift cam(1840p), pac 1218 coil springs, new valve seals, valve job, trunnions upgrade, new pushrods,honed, hot tanked, crankshaft polished, new rings,new rod bearings,main bearings,cam bearings, ls7 lifters and trays,new timing chain and 3 bolt gears(Gm),arp timing gear bolts, new head gaskets and Arp head bolts. Billet oil barbell. ICT billet valley cover and dod delete done. Waiting on New rear cover and rear main seal, have a truck oil pan,pickup tube and truck intake,harness and ecu that would go with it.
      Never been fired since put together.
      Let me know what you think

      Also have a gen 4 6.0(rec port heads) going to build that one next.