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      Jun 2001
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      Not exactly Pro-Touring, but it definitely has PT roots...

      I still work on PT cars, but my current toy is this Radical SR8. Here's an onlap video at Sebring of my current personal best of 2:10.9. As a point of reference, my best time in a C6 Z06 was 2:27, and high-end PT cars would likely be in the mid 2:30s. The car is mid-engined, powered by a 2.8L V8 that makes around 400hp. The car weighs a bit under 1500 lbs, so 400hp is plenty. As someone once said, it's more fun than sliced bread, or something like that.

      Accompanied by Motley Crue:

      engine only, please version:

      John Parsons

      UnRivaled Rides -- Modern upgrades for your ride.

      UnRivaled Rides recent project -- LS9-powered 69 Camaro