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      Recommendations on fuel system for LS swap in 3rd Gen Nova

      Around 2015 I put a 5.3 swap into my 1970 Nova. I (thought) I put together a good affordable solution to convert the car to EFI for the LS swap. My motor requires a return fuel line, so I ran Push-Loc hoses to the rear, added an inline pump/filter and added a bulk fitting for the return so I can use the factory tank.

      Fast forward 6+ years I just recently got the car on the road and have put almost 500 break in miles on the project....and I have already started to find some issues I need to address with the fuel system.

      Here are my biggest issues:
      1) Fuel gauge doesn't work. (So the fuel tank has to be dropped to fix)
      2) The push-loc hoses are dry rot and have a faint gas odor when you get near them
      3) I can only get about 8 gallons of gas in the tank before it spits back out of the filler neck
      4) After putting in those 8 gallons it usually leaks fuel from the cap when accelerating regardless of what I do (I'm on my 3rd cap)
      5) With such low fuel in the tank, I've already notice engine starvation issues with corners and inclines and I haven't pushed the car hard yet.

      Given all these issues, I figured I would remove the lines at the fuel rail.....and replace everything all the way to the back!

      My budget is set for what it takes to do this "right". I don't need anything crazy twin Walbro pumps with a -10 feed line.

      So what would you recommend?

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      Have you looked into Ricks tanks? The stamped steel ones the 5th Gen modules are a great deal.
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      Ricks restomod tank(not sure if offered for nova) ZL1 fuel pump, corner pickups and Vapor work controller seams to be a great setup. This is what I am putting together for my 67 firebird.

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      Also, get PTFE (Teflon) lines. Buy once - cry once.

      I use the stainless braided type, they last virtually forever compared to the rubber based ones that are typically junk in 5 years or less.

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      The need for a fuel return complicates things relative to running a fifth gen fuel module. I think you could use the stock pump with the stock internal high pressure regulator but not the 60 psi internal regulator that Ricks installs. Maybe check with Carl at Vaporworx to confirm.

      I use Holley Vaporguard hose and fittings. Nice OEM look. Not a fan of stainless braided hose.

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