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      Trans hitting floor in nova

      I just recently purchased a 65 Nova that I did not get the test drive due to stuck brakes and a bad carburetor. I've got a home and I'm slowly trying to get it ready for the road. Once underneath the car I noticed that the tail stock of the turbo 350 transmission is up against the tunnel or the floor. The previous owner had even hacked the tunnel a little bit to gain more clearance and it's still up against it. The transmission is tipped up one or two degrees at the output shaft. It's a stock front end with a small block Chevy in a turbo 350 transmission. It is using what appears to be a stock cross member. I honestly have no idea why the tranny is up against the floor or what the problem might be. The swap is nothing new and plenty of other people have done it I cannot find any other cases where someone had the same problem as me. I would greatly appreciate any help or input I'd really like to take my kids for a ride. Thanks in advance