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      LT in 2nd Gen Fbody engine mounting location

      Maybe I'm having a brain fart or maybe its a poorly made part. What did you use to mount the LT into a 2nd gen Fbody. Have a 75 frame, same 75-81. Used Dirty dingo sliding mounts with factory clam shell mounts.

      Issues I am having are:
      1) No pre drilled bolt hole patterns in frame line up with the clam shell mounts. Note: mounts are attached to adapter mounts on engine and lowered into frame.

      2) Even with engine/ trans & mounts placed in frame & roughly positioned, drivetrain sits rather high. Perhaps a 1.5" drop would be perfect.

      Visually, the legs of the adaptor mounts need to be shortened and / or tucked towards the engine more for the mounts to line up with a predrilled pattern.

      I understand having to modify things when building custom cars, but when a part says 'fits said car' and its no where close, one needs to questions things.