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      Aug 2019

      Help! LY6 Turbo selection


      I am currently building a 67 twin turbo Camaro. I am now at the stage of purchasing turbos and building turbo, wastegate and BOV plumbing. I am unsure what turbos to buy. All of the information out there is confusing and am looking for some help.

      The engine that the car will have is a LY6 block with a 4" stroker rotating assembly resulting in 403 ci. The question I have is what size turbos will give 800+ RWHP with minimal turbo lag and good drivability. I can find endless information regarding big HP dyno and drag race motors that focus on peak HP. I am not looking for 1400 HP or a dyno sheet to post on social media, rather a solid performing street engine that does not need high rpm to spool.

      I am leaning towards a pair of Precision Turbos PT7675 with a turbine housing A/R of 0.81. I am concerned this may to too big for wat I am trying to achieve. Any feedback on turbo sizing for a ~400 ci street driven LS would be great.

      Here is a link to the build thread https://www.pro-touring.com/threads/...from-Australia